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Problems needing attention in the teaching of Arts and culture courses
In recent years, the art students'cultural course score line has been increasing year by year, and the proportion of cultural courses in the selection has gradually increased. This is a relatively thin foundation of their own cultural courses for art examinees, the pressure on the body can not be underestimated. In 2017, as many as 20% of the art examinees failed because of the culture class. In such a severe environment, we can expand our own advantages in the selection by early handling the culture class shortboard. Therefore, the new class of art examinees in 2018 must pay attention to the cultural lessons, in addition to starting cultural lessons as soon as possible review, but also need to pay attention to the following points.
1. it is important to draw up specific learning plans.
If there is no specific plan and policy, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. This is a serious problem that art students generally exist. Blind study lacks systematicness. In the end, a lot of money is spent, but the results are not upward. Senior three's study time is relatively serious, professional study occupies more than half of the time, in the remaining precious time, candidates should make a specific study plan and organization according to their own situation, and then study step by step according to their own plan, so as not to be at a loss, of course, in the formulation of the study plan, more. Refer to the teachers'opinions, and take their own practice as the basis, once the plan is drawn up, we must urge ourselves to learn strictly according to the plan.
2. grasp the basic knowledge of different disciplines and learn to choose.
Each year, 70% of the college entrance examination questions are basic knowledge questions, as long as the grasp of the basic knowledge and culture class is very simple, candidates in the serious review stage to do their best to pay attention to power, the main grasp of the basic knowledge of each subject and the necessary test points, the crucial time to learn to choose and reject, properly discard those time-consuming difficulties. Art examinees on the basic knowledge is weak, coupled with their own culture lessons learning time is limited, tamping the foundation to prevent the culture lessons left behind has become an urgent matter of urgency. Art examinee culture course weak recommendation, using "art examinee culture class high score sprint"


3. be familiar with the culture course of policy colleges and universities.
Every art examinee has his or her own policy institute in mind, and many examinees'professional training is also aimed at the Policy Institute for professional training, so in the study of cultural courses should also be targeted, not only to understand the policy institutes and universities in recent years, the trend of the cultural course score line, but also to understand the Colleges and universities are their own professional individual subjects. For example, some colleges and universities will set a minimum limit on English, Chinese, mathematics and other subjects, so candidates should be able to focus more on these subjects when reviewing the culture class, early preparation to seize the initiative.
4. carefully select teaching organizations.
After busy with the professional examination, art students begin the final sprint of culture class. Many art students will choose out-of-school training because their high school is not a plain art class, it is difficult to keep up with them, or even if it is a pure art class. Organize the final 100 days sprint.
As far as possible, some students choose to teach in a certain organization, but go to school, the results lead to daily home and organization, waste of time and energy on the road, but also lack of a learning atmosphere and a sense of seriousness, on a single unconscious candidates, but also simply form weak supervision, while rushing Play;
(Careful analysis of the form of the final sprint course is required, and some repetition campuses tend to accept the final sprint of art candidates, but most of them do not compile classes independently, but mix them with the classes of cultural students. This role may not be the best. There are also too many classes (more than 25 people are not small classes), in the final moment, teachers do not attach enough importance to students, will also affect the sprint. Of course, the choice of one to one instruction depends on the situation.
To sum up, Jinan Shandong Teachers Training School provides more information about Shandong Art and Culture Course. Welcome to our website: http://www.lushipeixun.com. Thank you for your support.

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