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We know that under the new college entrance examination mode, the historical examination questions, which are derived from textbooks, textbooks, questions centered and capability oriented examinations, should not be changed in the short term. To improve problem-solving ability, we should first select topics, especially select the classic college entrance examination questions in recent years. Then, we should combine some excellent exercises to strengthen exercises training. We must master the difficulty. We should focus on middle and low grade subjects and not be able to choose too difficult subjects.
The examination questions in the college entrance examination contain a lot of information, and the puzzling is strong, but at the same time, it is very standard and scientific. To practice this kind of examination questions can make students find the feeling of college entrance examination. Secondly, according to the college entrance examination questions for targeted intensive training, emphasis on training students' ability of analyzing the question and problem solving ability.

College entrance examination is divided into objective questions (multiple-choice) and the subjective, subjective questions must have a historical essay, if students want to save time in the examination process and improve the efficiency, the need for targeted training to develop their ability of solving problems and. In recent years, the college entrance examination questions are historical materials, in general, the method of examining material must grasp a premise and two principles: "a prerequisite", refers to read read materials (especially charts and data), to define the main concepts, illustrate the main problems, and then get how is the data show clear icons and concepts, explain each other problems. The "two principles" is to fully acquire and use effective information, based on materials and contact textbooks.
Here the "information" refers to the question and relevant content, mostly is the center of materials or purpose. The so-called "based on materials, contact textbooks" means that we should link the contents of materials and related knowledge in textbooks, and integrate the knowledge and viewpoints to comment and analyze. Again, is to pay attention to practice after commenting.
Teachers should focus on ideas and methods, especially with the standard answer, so that students develop good study habits, rigorous. As the "art candidates" have a lot of defects in their learning habits, we should strengthen the training in the review. They are trained to form standardized answers habits, standardize in answering, curling, layout, hierarchical expression, etc., and pay attention to inspection and implementation, so as to guide "art candidates" to score normalization. Finally, it guides students' reflection, reexercises and self-regulation after practice and test.
The shortcut for students to improve is reflection and self perception. In such a short period of time, we can not rely on the sea tactical to improve performance, and the need to fill the reflection and practice, we suggest that "art candidates" for the typical topics necessary to collate and summarize the same, giving top priority to do, to find out the differences, summed up the general rules for the answer, pro forma before the review through practice, aiming at the problems in a timely manner to address gaps.
In time, you have. It is hoped that the "art examinee" should pay attention to the strategy, reasonable arrangement, the foundation, the method and the satisfactory results in the course of reviewing the history of the college entrance examination.
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