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Although examinations test the ability of examinees, the skills they use on the spot are still very important. Shandong one-to-one counseling specially arranges the answering skills for the candidates who are going to enter the examination room for your reference. I wish you all an ideal result.
1. What are the rules of making choice questions?
There are four basic methods for choosing questions: the first is the recall method, that is, extracting the contents to fill in the blanks directly from the memory bank; the second is the direct answer method, which is mostly used in the mathematics and science examination questions. According to the known conditions, the correct answers can be obtained by calculating, drawing or substituting the choices in turn; the third is the elimination of errors and the selection of items. The fourth method is guessing. Sometimes you will encounter some questions that are uncertain or beyond your ability. Guessing may create more scoring opportunities for you. When you are faced with a topic that makes you confused, try not to leave blank. Choose the one that feels the most similar. Make a mark. When you fill in the answer card, if you have time to think about it again, apply the first impression option directly if you don't have time.
The answer as a whole has a rule: the number of occurrences of each option is roughly the same. When the time is too tight and you have many questions that you can't do, it's better to look through the previous selection and choose the letters that appear the least, which is also a test-taking skill. In a word, we should be careful in choosing the questions, grasp the train of thought, and consider the answers and the questions together.
2. What questions should we pay attention to when answering questions?
When answering a question, first of all, we should examine the topic, see the content of the topic, grasp the key words in the stem, and understand the requirements of the answer. The key words of affirmation and negation, strength and weakness of degree, size and size of scope can not be ignored. There are many questions that can be solved by various methods, especially comprehensive ones. You must see clearly which knowledge and methods are required to solve the questions. Some questions are followed by the number of words to answer, and these details are also required to see clearly.
In the process of answering questions, in addition to the correct use of formulas and theorems, we should also be good at finding the basis for solving problems from the materials given by the questions. Generally speaking, for a highly standardized exam such as the college entrance examination, there is often no redundant information on the paper. Subheadings of the materials and notes behind the questions are all effective information to help you answer the questions. Keep in mind that they should not be neglected. If you encounter a question with a word limit, you should first screen the key points of the answer, then organize the deliberation of the language, so as to avoid putting the cart before the horse. The process of answering questions should be complete and standardized.

Before writing with pen, we should also examine the position of the answer sheet, estimate how much space it takes to complete the answer sheet, and arrange the layout of the solution process as a whole. This can not only avoid the situation that can not be written in the given part, but also make the solution process clear and neat and beautiful.
3. How to deal with your weak subjects
For your weaknesses, you should pay attention to: (1) adjust your attitude and build up confidence. The so-called strengths and weaknesses are relatively speaking, from the examination results, the weaknesses are not your low-grade subjects. Of course, this is related to basic knowledge, and the state of mind is a very important factor.
(2) Put down the burden and go to battle lightly. There are still psychological problems involved. Don't always think about your weaknesses before the exam. You will suffer from gains and losses, which will aggravate your ideological burden. On the other hand, since it's one's weakness and it's normal to underperform, it may be much easier to apply for the exam with this idea. Maybe it can also play beyond the standard and achieve unexpected results.
(3) Take it seriously and tap its potential. We advocate "to do what we can, to do our best", but in the actual examination, we must take it seriously, fully exploit our potential, answer questions one by one, and fight one by one. Have a serious attitude, a good mentality, a tenacious will, even if their own weak subjects, will certainly succeed.
The wonderful content of this article is compiled by one-to-one tutoring in Shandong Province. We insist on the win-win concept of honesty and cooperation to provide you with perfect service. Welcome to https://www.lushipeixun.com.

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