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Several points needing attention for art candidates to raise marks in civilized classes are as follows:
1. Major progress in disadvantaged subjects
As for the art candidates who have a good foundation in civilized courses, it is not difficult for them to reach the qualified line by returning to school to keep up with the teachers'review progress and practicing exercises after class. However, for many art candidates whose basic knowledge of civilized courses is very thin, because they are temporarily focusing on the training and guidance of specialized courses, there is a more or less disconnection between civilized courses. They lack long time to learn, accumulate more knowledge points in civilized courses, and it is difficult to review them all at once, and the learning effect is not obvious. Reviewing time is urgent. If long time fails to see the effect of learning, great pressure will also occur in the mind of the teacher. Once the mood can not be controlled, serious words can indirectly cause the teacher to keep studying. Therefore, for such art candidates, the only way is to stop civilized training. If there are really many basic knowledge points that can not be made clear, instead of accumulating constantly, it is better to find school teachers or training institutions after class to stop remedial study, strengthen the number of words, grasp the main knowledge and grasp the common examination points. Practice should be combined with combing the knowledge points, and choose the form of courses that can arouse the interest of art and sports students. Enhancing the knowledge of the compulsory exam of civilized course, the basic score of the exam is more than 70%. As long as we master the basic knowledge of the compulsory exam of civilized course, the score of civilized course will not be too low. Of course, if you do not have a good foundation, you have to work hard to cope with it. Find a way to apply appropriate civilized textbooks for art students. The effect of scoring in a short time is still good. The vast majority of art candidates are smart and savvy. In a short period of time, they are hopeful to mention their weak subjects. I believe that art candidates will be able to greatly improve their overall results.

2. Sticking to a good attitude is crucial.
In the stage of sprint civilized lesson, mentality is very important. Some candidates usually score very well in the exam, but in the exam, because of their bad mentality, they often do very poorly in the exam. Therefore, in preparing for the exam, we should put the adjustment mentality on the agenda. With a relaxed mentality, we should prepare for civilized lessons and take the exam easily.
3. Establish a good relationship between teachers and students
Emotion is something aroused by certain objective things, which can satisfy or meet people's needs. It can lead to a positive attitude, make people have a certain emotion, and trust their teachers. Teaching activities are the exchange of unilateral feelings and ideas between teachers and students, so close teacher-student relationship can help stimulate the enthusiasm of art students in astronomical learning. Some art students tend to be arrogant because of unsatisfactory results. They are embarrassed to ask questions to teachers automatically. They need better teacher-student relationship, heart-to-heart conversation, to understand and trust.
4. Pay attention to the test-taking skills of civilized courses
Art candidates lack the experience of examinations, often attend mid-term examinations, final examinations and other large-scale examinations. In sprinting civilized class scores, candidates should master examination-taking skills, including problem-solving skills, how to deal with problems and so on. In the preparation stage of civilized lessons, candidates must strengthen the key points of examination, grasp the trend of proposition, train the ability to do specific exercises, and strengthen the exercise of the exam questions, so as to find out the knowledge blind spots and check the omissions and make up the deficiencies.
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