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All kinds of examinations are not easy, not to mention the college entrance examination is a single-wooden bridge, across the past, your life may be brilliant, if you fail, it may be very miserable. Dozens of days before the exam are crucial. Some people are making rapid progress, while others are steadily retrogressing. As Shandong College Entrance Examination 100 Days Sprint Training Institution: Here are four suggestions for senior three students, which can always be used before the examination, especially the fourth point.
First of all, ideological attention
For every exam, we should pay attention to it ideologically, especially the final exam, because the usual hard review is a strong guarantee for the final exam to achieve good results, so we should attach importance to it ideologically and not carelessly. The main reason is that the final examination covers a wide range of content and a book, so it can comprehensively test the ability of students, and it is an effective way to learn to measure students.
The school year is over. How is it going? Students, teachers and parents all want to know. This result only needs to pass the examination to test, and the college entrance examination is a more important final examination, therefore, we must do a good review.
Second, pay attention to methods
There is a saying that if you want to do good things, you must first use the right tools. So no matter what you do, you should be fully prepared beforehand. The same is true of the college entrance examination. In order to achieve a good result, besides studying hard and laying a good foundation in peacetime, the review method is also very important.
There are many review methods, but students should choose more reasonable, scientific and efficient review methods according to their actual situation. For example, step by step, grasp the importance of the stage, knowledge and ability and the principle of equality. Students need to divide each review process into four parts: review basic knowledge, strengthen learning ability, check leaks and fill gaps, and simulate training.

Third, Skillfully Use Review Questions
Learning needs constant accumulation, so in the review process, if you encounter particularly good and typical questions, you need to record them in time, convenient and fast search and effective consolidation and digestion. But for different questions, you need to adopt different marking methods. First, if you encounter problem solving methods, you need to cite one from the other. If you have some key or difficult knowledge in the textbook, you need to recite them in time.
In addition, in order to achieve an ideal result, you need to do the following. 1. Rational planning of time. A reasonable time is very important, learning and entertainment are both right. 2. Physical health should not be forgotten. Many students have poor physical fitness in the end for exams. 3. Keep in mind if you don't understand. For some knowledge to be solved on the spot, if separated for two days, may miss the time, resulting in unresolved, but in the examination appeared.
Fourth, keep a good attitude
As the saying goes, mentality decides everything, so, senior three students, whether you can achieve good results, first of all, can not slack in mentality, to always maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, smiling face each examination.
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