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The college entrance examination is finally over! Children's shoes that have been closed for so long can finally get up! Which of the following ways do children's shoes relax after they finish the exam?
A. Households serve as salted fish and stay up late to catch up with dramatic sleep until they wake up naturally.
B. Assessment of score and continuous high tension
C. No matter 37-21, the K-jumping playground starts
D. Go to work, travel and try new things.
E, confused ing, don't know what to do
Shandong College Entrance Examination 100-day dash reminds you that no matter which one you choose, you should relax after tense study for so long. But relaxation should be relaxed. Children's shoes must be safe, disciplined and law-abiding in the process of surfing. More importantly, you should guard against the traps everywhere.
1. Anti-fraud
During the period from the end of college entrance examination to the achievement, some cheaters will use the anxious mentality of examinees and parents to set up various kinds of deception, such as "online early scoring", "internal performance improvement" and so on, which appear frequently in the form of micro-letters, short messages and Internet advertisements. Some candidates are distracted. If they click on the link of the fraudulent website or dial the fraudulent telephone, and provide the name, admission card number, identity card number and other content as required, they will lead to the leakage of personal information and fall into the fraud. Therefore, candidates should wait patiently for the results. It takes some time to verify the score of the college entrance examination, and it is carried out according to the normal procedure. Only the official scoring website provided by the education department and the official scoring method are recognized.
2. Anti-Internet Loan

Many children's shoes began to look forward to a better university life after the college entrance examination. Before that, they had not heard anything outside the window. They only read the "Five-year College Entrance Examination Three-year Simulation". Now they are going to college. New products such as computers and mobile phones stimulate children's desire to consume shoes. But just after graduating from high school, there is no stable income source and I don't want to ask my parents for money. How can I get these new products? Some children's shoes saw the advertisement of online loan and began to make the idea of online loan. But at present, the supervision of Internet finance such as Internet lending is still immature. Some Internet lending platforms do not strictly examine the borrowers'borrowing qualifications and repayment ability. Moreover, the borrowing interest rate and handling fees are so high that even "bare loans" appear. As a result, interest rolling makes the non-income borrowers even more unable to repay. Finally, the borrowers "break down the east wall to make up the West wall" and fall into the bottomless of Internet lending. Hole. Therefore, we should establish a reasonable consumption concept and legal awareness, take into account the economic capacity of our families, and stay away from online loans.
3. Prevent workers from being deceived
After the college entrance examination, it happens to be a long summer vacation. Some children's shoes like those mentioned just now want to buy some new products for themselves, or some children's shoes with difficulties at home want to make up the college tuition and living expenses, they will choose to work in the summer vacation. But children's shoes have just emerged from society, we should also be careful not to be deceived by migrant workers oh! Many students are cheated by intermediaries when they work in summer vacation, or are charged deposits, accommodation fees, training fees in various names by enterprises with ulterior motives, or deduct wages. Children's shoes should pay more attention before summer work. Before starting work, it is better to sign a written agreement or contract with the employer, agree on the working time, content and remuneration, etc. Once encountering the employer to charge various fees, be vigilant and cautious, and inform the parents or the students around them where they work. At the same time, don't listen to the recruitment information of the network casually and fool the netizens. Check the employing enterprises before applying for jobs. Never go out to work alone. Be careful not to fall into the pyramid selling trap.
Beware of all kinds of social traps, children's shoes after college entrance examination enjoy their summer vacation, but also wish you children's shoes gold list title, enter their ideal school!
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