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1. First prepare for the art test, and then begin to study the culture class after the art examination
Art candidates, the original culture class is very weak. According to the data, many art examinees are excellent in their major, but they fail in the cultural course examination. They miss out with art colleges and universities, which makes people sigh with regret!
Therefore, it is suggested that art candidates should enter the remedial study of culture course as soon as possible when they have almost finished the examination in the ideal college. Never wait until the school examination is over before entering the cultural study. In that case, the review time for cultural courses will be too short.
2. There is a lack of correct methods for the study of cultural courses
Many art candidates take up most of their energy in making up professional courses. The foundation of cultural courses is weak and even left behind for a long time. After the professional joint examination, there is only less than half a year's review time for cultural courses. What should we do at this time?
I believe that many candidates and their parents are under great pressure. The college entrance examination is an important turning point to change the fate of life. Many candidates have bought a lot of review materials for the college entrance examination. Those materials such as hills are placed on the table. The examinees are at a loss. Under the supervision of their parents, they begin to do exercises one by one. After a period of time, the examinees are exhausted and exhausted, and they don't know what they have done and what they haven't done. They even feel like vomiting when they see the test questions.
Art candidates have a tight time and heavy task, so it is necessary to do the test questions. However, under the guidance of the teacher, according to the real questions of the college entrance examination over the years, the corresponding test questions should be selected pertinently and selectively. Moreover, they should regularly sort out the test questions they have done and reflect on the questions they have done, such as which are the questions that they have mastered very firmly and which ones are not firmly grasped by themselves Question types, which are unfamiliar or easy to make mistakes. According to the different types of questions, adjust or sort out the wrong questions.

At the same time, experts pointed out that candidates should recite some knowledge points and regularly review knowledge points in addition to doing exercises. They should not only engage in sea fighting skills, otherwise students will be physically and mentally exhausted, and the effect is not very ideal, even with half the effort.
3. Art students' cultural training: no plan to learn, and the pursuit of all aspects
艺术生的文化课复习 缺乏的是详细并科学的学习计划,一进入高三,自身整个的学习计划就应该了然于胸,不管在专业集训还是 后的文化课突击时期,都应该做到有条不紊。
Art students lack a detailed and scientific learning plan for cultural lesson review. As soon as they enter senior three, they should have a clear understanding of their whole learning plan. No matter in professional training or after the shock period of cultural courses, they should be orderly.
考生在制定学习计划时,要结合自身实际情况多听取老师的意见, 后将详细的学习计划以书面的形式呈现出来,放在 显眼的地方督促自己。
When making a study plan, the examinee should listen to the teacher's opinions according to his own actual situation, and then present the detailed learning plan in written form, and put it in a conspicuous place to urge himself.
依照学习计划复习时,切记不要追求面面俱到,这是很多艺考生 容易犯的错误。由于艺术生学习时间有限,在备考的过程中一定要学会取舍,分清主次,主抓重点和基础知识,对于自己的强势科目和提分较快的科目,可以适当的多花费些时间。根据制定好的计划复习,规避茫无目的的复习。
According to the study plan review, remember not to pursue all aspects, this is a lot of art examinees easy to make mistakes. Due to the limited learning time of art students, they must learn to choose between the primary and secondary, focus on the key points and basic knowledge in the process of preparing for the exam. They can spend more time on their own strong subjects and subjects with fast scoring. According to a good plan to review, avoid aimless review.
4. Ignore the results of language and mathematics, blindly follow the learning mode of cultural students
In every year's enrollment work, there will be some very special things, some candidates' cultural and professional results are good, but students are eliminated by some colleges and universities.
In the final analysis, it is found that this kind of examinee blindly pursues the perfect total score and ignores the requirements of some colleges and universities on the examination results of each subject other than the number of languages. For example, some colleges and universities stipulate that the examinees' scores in English and Chinese should be above 80. Therefore, the examinee must be familiar with the admission standard of the college, and can not get away with it.
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