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语 文 -跨学科试题别忽视-
Chinese - Interdisciplinary questions should not be ignored -
It is necessary to strengthen the training of key words, functional words and classical sentence patterns. The Chinese national volume has a reading question, "a brief introduction to the food safety supervision of ancient times". After reading the article, the examinees will sort out the legal and management experience of China's food safety supervision. This kind of topic completely jumps out of the narrow language category and needs to use political, legal and historical knowledge to solve the problem. Therefore, interdisciplinary test questions also need examinees to pay attention to social hot issues.
数 学 -立足课本、优化解题思路-
Mathematics - based on textbooks and optimizing the idea of solving problems -

The revision of mathematics requires rigorous logical thinking, keeping pace with teachers, not blindly falling into the sea tactics, and not negligible practice. It is more important to pay attention to examples and familiarity with the regular examination questions in the college entrance examination.
在基础知识的复习过程中,要学会研究课本,这是高考复习的起点。从高考的要求出发,把课本熟练化,概念能脱口而出,公式定理能信手拈来,基本方法能左右逢源。基本题型能借题发挥,从而以扎实的基础为基点,向更深、更活的目标前进。另外,解题思维一定要“优化”,高考是在限定的时间内完成限定的内容,解题思路要优化选择,解题方法要简捷途径,解题过程要佳方案,解题失误 要小化, 尤其是选择填空题的解答要防止“小题大做”“一算到底”,这就要在平时的练习过程中注意通过一题多解找优解,使解题思维具有灵活性,流畅性,深刻性。
In the process of reviewing basic knowledge, we should learn to study textbooks, which is the starting point for reviewing the college entrance examination. Starting from the requirements of the college entrance examination, the textbooks can be skillfully trained and the concepts can be blurted out. The formula theorem can be readily accepted, and the basic methods can be left and right. The basic questions can be put into play, so that we can move forward to a deeper and more vivid goal based on a solid foundation. In addition, the thinking of solving the problem must be "optimized", the college entrance examination is to complete the content in the limited time, the idea of solving the problem should be optimized, the method of solving the problem is a simple way, the process of solving the problem is the best plan, the problem of solving the problem should be minimized, especially the answer to the question of filling in the blanks should be prevented from "making a big problem" and "one calculation to the end". In this way, we should pay attention to finding the optimal solution through multiple solutions in the usual practice, so that the problem solving thinking is flexible, fluency and profundity.
英 语 -传统文化也重要-
English - traditional culture is also important -
考纲及考试说明要求考生掌握约3500个单词,因此,词汇的记忆和理解就变得尤为重要。轮复习需要将词汇通过近义词、反义词、上义词、下义 词和词根、 词缀以及构词法的知识拓宽。第二轮复习要在3500个词汇中挑出历年完型填空选项中的重点单词进行“深挖”。要特别注意新进入考纲词汇的动词,不仅要知道 这些词的意思,还要了解这些动词的搭配、用法和过去式、过去分词的特殊变化。
Examination and examination instructions require candidates to master about 3500 words. Therefore, memorizing and understanding words becomes particularly important. The first round of review needs to widen vocabulary by means of synonyms, antonyms, synonyms, synonyms, roots, affixes, and word formation. In the second round of revision, we should pick out the key words in the cloze test in the 3500 words to dig deep. In particular, we should pay special attention to the verbs that enter into the syllabus, not only to know the meaning of these words, but also to understand the collocation, usage of these verbs and the special changes of the past and past participles.
即便是外语的考察,近三年高考英语试卷也特别注意对中国传统文化、优秀资源的宣传和弘扬。所以建议考生备考时掌握各应用类信件的书写要领,如邀 请函、自荐 信、感谢信、道歉信等,并熟悉各种相关的体裁和句式;内容上体现文明、和谐、诚信、友善等主题的题材,以及传播优秀传统文化的话题,如游览名胜、民俗节日 等,尤其对于一些传统文化的专有名词要加深记忆。
Even in the study of foreign languages, nearly three years of college entrance examination English examination paper has paid special attention to the promotion and promotion of Chinese traditional culture and excellent resources. Therefore, it is suggested that the candidates should master the writing essentials of various application letters, such as invitation letters, self recommendation letters, thank-you letters, and apology letters, and familiar with various related genres and sentences; the subject matter of civilization, harmony, honesty and friendliness, as well as the topics of the dissemination of excellent traditional culture, such as tourist attractions and people. Popular festivals and so on, especially for some traditional culture, proper nouns should be deepened.
文 综 -梳理脉络,紧抓社会热点-
The summary - carding the choroid, clinging to the hot spot of the society -
For the review of politics, we should study the political examination questions of the college entrance examination in recent three years and find out the propositional rules from the high frequency examination points. In reviewing political subjects, we should attach importance to linking theory with practice and focus on current hot topics. Political examination takes the latest politics of current affairs as background material every year, so it requires candidates to pay attention to current news and social hot spots in time.

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