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With the approaching of College Entrance Examination, many students and parents will inevitably have anxious mentality. At this time, they will often fall into the misunderstanding of tutoring cultural lessons, which may directly lead to the failure of College Entrance Examination. Next, Jinan culture lesson tutoring will give you a summary of the common misunderstandings of culture lesson tutoring, hoping to attract the attention of parents and students!
1. Lack of Correct Ways to Learn Culture Lessons
Many candidates bought a lot of college entrance examination review materials, such as hill piles of information on the table, candidates eyes confused, at a loss, under the supervision of parents, began to do one after another exercises. Over time, the candidates were exhausted and exhausted. They did not know what they had done or what they had not done. They even wanted to throw up when they saw the test questions.
At present, examinees are short of time and heavy tasks, so it is necessary to do the questions. However, under the guidance of teachers, according to the real questions of the college entrance examination over the years, they should select the corresponding questions selectively and pertinently. They should also regularly sort out the questions they have done and reflect on the questions they have done, such as which ones they have mastered very well. Firm questions, which are not firmly grasped by themselves, which are not familiar with or easy to make mistakes. According to different types of questions, adjust or sort out the wrong ones.
2. Lack of self-confidence and blindly enroll in remedial classes
There are also many students lack confidence in their own culture lessons, resulting in tension and fear. Some candidates blindly sign up for remedial classes in a hurry to listen to other people's words. As a result, some irregular remedial classes have ruined their good prospects. Every year, there are many such examples.

For those students with weak cultural foundation, the first thing to do is to adjust their mentality.
Finding the right entry point, we must achieve the nine-word policy in learning: grasping the foundation, avoiding the deviation and finding the test point. The college entrance examination syllabus will stipulate the scope of the examination proposition. The examinees can get twice the result with half the effort only according to the requirements of the college entrance examination syllabus and reviewing the exam points purposefully.
But many candidates do not know what is the compulsory examination point, so, when reviewing the cultural lessons, pay attention to the classification of the compulsory examination points of the basic knowledge in the college entrance examination syllabus, so that the students with poor foundation can review the examination points directly, greatly improving the efficiency of review.
3. Learning without a plan and pursuing all aspects
What many students lack is detailed and scientific learning plan. Once they enter Senior Three, their whole learning plan should be clear-cut. No matter in professional training or in the period of cultural lesson surprise after, they should be orderly.
When making a study plan, candidates should listen to the teachers'opinions according to their actual situation, and then present the detailed study plan in written form, and put it in a conspicuous place to urge themselves.
When reviewing according to the study plan, remember not to pursue all aspects. Because of the limited review time, we must learn to choose and choose, distinguish between primary and secondary, focus on key points and basic knowledge. We can spend more time on our own strong subjects and subjects with faster scores. Review according to the plan made, avoid the aimless review.
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